Residential Housing

Nesto will offer a mix of various large flats (1 to 4-room) and family houses. A substantial part of the new urban district will be connected by lively streets according to the city design called Woonerf – residential zones created with respect to the interests of pedestrians and cyclists promoting the social interaction of people and the emergence of neighbouring communities. The traffic here will be diminished and cars will only be able to drive at a limited speed, as our priority is the public space and its use for people.

Rental Housing

Nesto will extend the possibilities of rental housing-a full alternative to owning housing. Ideal for the middle generation, for those who do not need to own a lot to feel that they mean something. It will be a long-term living with transparent conditions. There will be apartments with a two to four room disposition.

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Flexible Workplace

Times of work in traditional offices where the only place of social interaction was a kitchenette, are gone.

Nesto will offer several types of workspaces, flexible offices, small-scale offices, hybrid spaces, even a classic co-working contingent membership in an umbrella organization. Common spaces integrate specialists from different industries and create networking opportunities not only at work, but also in leisure, sporting activities.

Creative Space

A combination of medium-sized office buildings with modulable spaces and warehouses that combine office, workshop, tech-lab, storage room and showroom in one.

The combination of locally-known restaurants with smaller shops, pubs and other services create a new vibrant center from this part of the district – ideal for showrooms, start-ups, creative companies, but also a small production, wholesale, distribution, technology companies, light industry or urban logistics.

Thanks to the modulable element, it is possible to adapt the premises to specific requests of companies.

Business Premises

In addition to traditional establishments, Nesto offers business premises combined with creative space and studios. Artists, craftsmen, architects and creatives will be able to create and produce art works, and also to sell it. There will also be operations which combine the function of the housing, so the person gets up in the morning and can serve the first customer, in house.

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General Practitioner, different specialists or a pharmacy-everything will be under one roof without the need of travel.

Having a medical practitioner close to yourself or your child is a great advantage. Medical Center in Nesto will provide medical-preventative care of above standard conditions.

Kindergarten and School

For the smallest citizens, there will be a kindergarten in Nesto, for the older ones a school.

The pre-school facility and the school will be set in the green area of the quarter and there will be a safe movement of children ensured by reducing the transport. The nearby bus stops are well accessible also for children from other parts of the city. A sports center will be located next to the school so that pupils can use it without a difficult journey.


For those who do not want to commit, want to have a sense of freedom and do not know where their lives are going to lead them. Co-living is housing for modern nomads and freelancers. The short-term accommodation of the dormitory type is an alternative to the start-up housing, where it is not necessary to stay tied to the mortgage. It offers its own privacy and community spaces (living room, kitchen) in which a person can find new friends and peers. Co-Living reminds the hotel or hostel and provides services such as reception, Internet connection and other additional services that the tenant can buy (e.g. cleaning, laundry and so on).

Senior Housing

Active seniors who do not want to live by themselves can use temporary housing with assistance services. It is an independent short-term housing in full privacy for people over 60 years old who are still active. In addition to socializing (social activities not only with peers), there are also support services tailored to the needs of the elderly people – caregivers, housekeeping, laundry, a 24-hour reception with a nurse, a drug service, etc.

Housing is located close to other amenities, such as a medicine center or sports center, so that it makes life for the seniors easier.

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Multi-functional Cultural and Social Hall

One does not live only from bread but also from culture. Nesto will therefore bring its own space for cultural and social events.

A wide range of events can be organised in the multifunctional cultural hall: from conferences, exhibitions to professional concerts, theatre performances and community events for Nesto residents.


Sports Center

The place where it will be possible to enjoy sport whole the year-round, it can serve local residents and the rest of the city as well.

The sports center will also create conditions for more non-traditional sports that are not paid very much attention in Slovakia. Thanks to the proximity to the school, it will also educate and raise young people to the active way of life.


The multimedia space will be used for organizing exhibitions and educational activities. Instead of studying pictures in the textbooks of the homeland studies, pupils will in real, see the nature and the country that has been constantly changing its face and role in history for the past hundred years. The Napolean troops, the regiments of the First World War and the tank divisions during the Second World War had marched through the Nesto territory. One can enter the anti-tank bunker or touch the barbed wire from the Iron Curtain era in this area.


Children will be able to spend free time on one of the pitches spread across the neighbourhood.

The playgrounds are designed for all children – from the youngest to teenagers. It will be built so that even the smaller visitors can not only enjoy but will also be kept safe.

The playgrounds in Nesto will also invite adults. They can sway on special rocking for grown up.


Public Areas and Squares

With housing in Nesto, a man not only buys a roof over his head, but also a quality public space. Nesto in short, is not for those who want to hide, it will not be possible to go through it without having met a familiar face. The benches will be filled by the parents, children and seniors. The aesthetics of public space will be elevated by modern art. Artists will transform the streets into stages and galleries.

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