Philosophy of Nesto District

Neighbourhood/Quartier/District/Negyed – is the part of the city which has everything needed in life-a place to work, schools, playgrounds, medical facilities, sports venues. Its area allows all of these functions to focus into one place so that one does not need to move through the whole city.


Nesto is the new city district of Bratislava, a small town in the city, interconnected by the urbanistic form and life style of its inhabitants. A person will find everything she/he needs there. What is not found here she/he can create for themselves.


The inspiration for Nesto are European creative districts built according to the Woonerf principles of city design (“Live Street” in Dutch). An interesting inspiration, for example, are the places in north of Europe, such as Nørrebro, Södermalm, De Pijp and Tjuvholmen, or the nearby Naschmarkt in Vienna, Kreuzberg in Berlin and Prague Karlin.

Kreuzberg / Berlin
Naschmarkt / Vienna

Residents and visitors can shape and co-create the Nesto District. This is the place for creative people of all backgrounds, from artists or creatives to doctors, teachers and innovative entrepreneurs.

People of Nesto do not recognize borders, of geographical nor age type. However, they believe in human responsibility towards the planet and the environment. The district was designed according to this principle, from the ground up to the green roofs. Sustainability is provided by innovative technologies such as a rainwater collection system, renewable energy generation or shared transport infrastructure. The people who are interested in what will remain from them will find their place here – they want to protect the environment and contribute to permanent changes by their work.

Nesto is an accessible district – not only in terms of transport but also the availability of services, housing and possibilities for work and self-realization.