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that makes sense

Nesto’s location is not coincidental. The goal is to give life to a part of Bratislava that has been sleeping but has an enormous potential. Nesto will redraw the map of our capital and will become the symbol of a proud and successful Petržalka.

The district will be composed of two meaningful parts: Nesto South and Nesto North.

The first part of the project, known as Nesto South, already has a well-defined scope and amenities and is currently taking shape.

For Nesto North, we are preparing its architectural and urban planning solution. This part aims to gradually surpass its southern counterpart.

A place
that makes sense

A train station
with a connection to Vienna
A connection to international
Eurovelo cycle routes
D2 motorway entrance
in immediate vicinity
Historical value of the area
with numerous monuments
Buildings emphasising ecology
including photovoltaic collectors
Everything within 20-minute
walking distance

Leisure in Nesto

Sports grounds
Nesto will be a neighbourhood with an emphasis on sports and active leisure activities. It will offer all kinds of sports opportunities throughout the year. Sports grounds will be located close to the school and kindergarten – in a place where it makes the most sense.
Cycle routes
Historical legacy of the area

Amenities in Nesto

Kindergarten and school
Nesto wants to bring up proud, mature, and educated people. For Nesto’s smallest inhabitants, a kindergarten will be built, along with a school for the older ones. Nesto wants to be open not only for residents but also for visitors. Thanks to the vicinity of a bus stop,our school and kindergartens will also be easily accessible for children from other parts of the city.
Shops and hospitality
Public spaces and squares
Public transport
Train stop

Business in Nesto

A meaningful neighbourhood is one that provides opportunities not only for successful life, but for successful business too. Nesto will offer a mix of large and small businesses as well as office spaces.

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Life in Nesto

Comfortable life in Nesto has several forms – from residential housing to commercial rented housing.

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Nesto timeline

Autumn 2016

Defining the concept for Nesto South and announcement of an architectural competition.

Spring 2019

Planting trees

Before construction started, Lucron, the developer, planted almost 600 trees and 1,600 bushes on the border of the area. This year, they continued with planting herb gardens, which will serve Nesto’s future inhabitants.

Spring 2021

Construction of Kopčianska street and the cycle routes

In summer 2020, the developer finished works on the infrastructure, which also improved Kopčianska street. Besides an 850-metre-long new road, a new, high-quality separated cycleway, almost a kilometre long, has been added, connecting the Austrian Kittsee with Bratislava’s city centre.

Autumn 2021

October – Tapping of the foundation stone

In Autumn, Lucron celebrated the beginning of the construction of residential building C. In close proximity to Austria, a new living space will be created, along with rich opportunities for leisure and sports.

Autumn 2021

November – Nesto stop

November meant the first public transport bus coming to Nesto. Bus route 80 now has a new terminus “Nesto”, which will also improve the accessibility of the popular military cemetery in Kopčany and Bunker B-S 8 „Hřbitov“.

Spring 2022

Evaluating the urbanistic and architectural competition for Nesto North


First Inhabitants

In the southern part of the project, the first stage is being completed – Nesto on the Square. The first residents are moving into their apartments, starting to write the story of this meaningful neighborhood.


Bratská – Kopčianska connection

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