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A meaningful neighbourhood is one that provides opportunities not only for successful life, but for successful business too. Nesto will offer a mix of large and small businesses as well as office spaces.

Do business
where it makes sense

20-minute neighborhood
Direct connection
to the D2 motorway
Possibility to adapt the space
according to your requirements
Healthy environment in environmentally
friendly buildings
Comfortable and generous
underground parking
Great transport accessibility
High-quality public spaces
for leisure activities
Living public space
with a square
Complex neighborhood with services and sports facilities in the area
Coliving/Family Living/Senior Living
Shops and services
Medical centre
Logistical spaces
sports space

Work and live
in one place

Nesto will be an ideal combination for those who decide to live and work here. This will be a short-distance neighbourhood – you will be able to get anywhere within 15 minutes on foot, so you can completely exclude your car from your work life. The morning commute to the office will thus transform into a nice walk or bike ride.

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Nesto will be alive every day

There are plans for numerous businesses in Nesto, attracting visitors from a wide area surrounding the project. There are plans for a supermarket, a healthcare centre, restaurants, or bars, as well as numerous offices for small or larger companies. All this represents an enormous potential for your future customers.

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