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You can easily arrange a mortgage for a property in Nesto in our partner banks – VÚB banka, Tatra Banka, Slovenská sporiteľňa and ČSOB. If you are interested, specialists in the relevant branches of our partner banks will provide you with expert advice.

Buying process:

Tour of the new building
Reservation of the flat and preparation of the contract documents
Selection of the financing bank
Final approval and handover of the flat
Contract of purchase and transfer of the property deed

Partner banks

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To make your way to a new flat in Nesto easier, together with VÚB banka and Tatra banka we prepared a unique product for you. We will pay the mortgage interest rates for you from the day you pay the first part of the loan up until the final approval of your flat in Nesto.

Financing calendar

Instalments during the construction
Signing the future purchase contract
Construction of the building shell
Finishing the wiring and plumbing
Final approval of the building
VÚB, Tatra Banka, ČSOB, SLSP
20 %
80 %

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