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Nesto to be lit with sophisticated lighting of the highest quality

30. May 2023

Light is of great importance to our lives. It fulfils various functions from adding atmosphere, stimulating the senses and evoking emotions and is great for relaxation. Every room in our homes and all the public spaces we like to visit have different lighting requirements. For the exteriors of residential projects, adequate lighting is key to creating a sense of security for residents. At Nesto, we’ve considered every single detail to make sure that Petržalka’s most modern neighbourhood will make you feel at home right from the start. 

Nesto’s state-of-the-art and efficient lighting system was designed by architects with sustainability and economy in mind. Cooperation with experts from Smart Light, a company with over twenty years of experience in lighting technology, has resulted in high-quality illumination of the individual multi-purpose buildings, as well as the surrounding areas and the adjacent square. A comprehensive lighting study for the first phase of the Nesto South project was prepared by top experts in lighting systems, who carefully specified the type and intensity of outdoor lights, and their control and configuration. 

At Nesto, every street lamp and light source must make sense, just like the entire neighbourhood. “Our role was to design the technical aspects of lighting. We identified the correct parameters of light sources and calculated the light intensity for individual spaces to meet the applicable technical standards. Every single light source was assessed and adjusted, so residents would not be bothered by light smog at night, while also ensuring that no unnecessary light is produced. We know exactly where the light will shine and we can regulate it effectively,” said Igor Zubíček from Smart Light. The square, the playgrounds, parks, roads, pavements, car parks and individual blocks of flats will thus be sufficiently illuminated and safe after dark.  

Forget about conventional lighting 

The colour of light is an important factor in choosing the right illumination. This value, also called chromaticity is linked to temperature, the lower the temperature, the warmer the colour of the light. For the outdoor zones of the residential complex, experts have chosen lights at a temperature of 3,000 K.

“It’s a warm white colour suitable for relaxation. It gives public spaces and exteriors an intimate feel,” Igor Zubíček explained. At Nesto, the way the lights are switched on and off will not be conventional either. They will be regulated by modern twilight dimmers and a DALI lighting control system.

The lights will be switched on depending on the amount of natural light. When it gets darker, the power will be adjusted based on the settings of the control system. As night falls, the lighting intensity will be reduced and, when dawn approaches and more people come outside, the power will be increased again to provide comfort and safety for residents.
The sources of artificial lighting will include the most efficient integrated LED chips from renowned European suppliers. Thanks to the long service life and low power consumption of the lights, residents will enjoy reduced costs of exterior lighting. And when events are held on the square, the lighting can be adapted to complement their experience of being together as a community.

Just like the Smart Light company, we at Nesto believe that light is life. We really took our time to make sure every detail of this high quality lighting system was right for our modern neighbourhood. Not only will it make Nesto look attractive, but most importantly, it will be a safe place when night falls.  

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