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180 flats built at Nesto in 2022

15. February 2023

The construction of the first stage of the newest district of Petržalka is progressing successfully. The shell of the first three residential buildings in complex C was completed in 2022. More than half of the high-standard flats have already been sold. Take a look back with us at the most important milestones of the Nesto project in the past year, which have enhanced the tremendous potential of this new district of Bratislava.   

2022 was the first year of construction at Nesto. After the preparatory phase, construction on the greenfield site and the laying of the foundations of the first phase got underway in line with our bold plans. One year after the foundation stone of the 47 hectare project was laid, the shell of the C1, C2 and C3 residential buildings was completed. The modern mixed-use residential buildings reached their final height in October 2022. Following an old tradition, we raised topping out “glajchy” (small fir trees decorated with colourful ribbons) on the roof of the sixth floor. Step by step, we are moving towards our goal – to build a new neighbourhood that will grow and develop with you.  

Last year’s numbers  

In 2022, 17,100 m³ of concrete and 1,480 tonnes of reinforcement were used to create the shells. We have already installed 885 windows at Nesto and builders have worked approx. 165,000 hours on the site.  

Nesto can now be easily reached by public transport. If you take bus No. 80, you can get off at Nesto’s very own bus stop. It can also be used by hikers heading for a walk in Austria and those interested in a tour of the Kopčany military cemetery and the B-S 8 “Hřbitov” (cemetery) bunker. Nesto can also be easily reached by bike; it is a 16-minutes’ ride at a leisurely pace from the city centre. We have also built a new safe cyclepath near the new district.   

Nesto Prime – an oasis of peace and privacy  

The next stage of our project, which we have named Nesto Prime, as it combines the best that Bratislava development projects can offer, is also in the pipeline. The highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology will create this stage in an extensive space which will satisfy the most demanding clients. There will only be a limited number of flats in each building, so their owners can enjoy perfect privacy and quiet. This stage of the project will be a car-free zone surrounded by greenery and a park. In total, only 60 flats will be available in Nesto Prime. Be among the first to be notified when sales officially start! Complete this form to find out more about this unique part of Nesto.   

Contracts without an inflation clause  

The construction site will be busy in the upcoming months. The sewerage system is already being built, utilities are being installed and the first plastering is being done. A new access road, pavements, paved areas, lighting and, of course, planting and landscaping will follow. The inner block of the C building will be filled with new greenery and will include a safe children’s playground. The completion and approval of the C1, C2 and C3 residential buildings is scheduled for 2024.   

There are still a number of flats on offer, from carefully designed 1-bedroom to spacious 4-bedroom flats for families who are growing and need more space. All flats are sold without an inflation clause and once the contract is signed, the price for the flat is final. We are delighted that our clients are predominantly families with children who plan on living in Nesto for a long time. Nesto will be an urban district in Petržalka and a so-called 20-minute neighbourhood, whose residents will have every amenity close-by. The new owners are choosing this location due to its excellent accessibility to the centre of Bratislava, as well as to neighbouring Austria. We look forward to fulfilling our vision and ideas in 2023 as we build a brand new progressive and self-contained neighbourhood.  

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