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Nesto is here!

20. January 2022

We launched the construction of Nesto, which opens a new era of living. Introducing a living district that really makes sense. Nesto is here!

After the preparatory work in the area of the future Nesto, we are moving to the next stage. By beginning the construction, a new chapter of our new district’s story growing on a greenfield site started to be written. And it is most fortunate that it is a greenfield because it enables us to tailor Nesto to the needs of its future inhabitants.

Nesto: we are open!

Nesto is gradually opening up for people. Starting with today, you can visit our new website that we have just launched. And there’s more news! We are starting the construction of residential buildings C in the southern part of the area. They will offer 164 flats, which will be transformed to 164 homes already in 2024. And besides construction, we are also launching the sales.

Life that makes sense

Nesto will be a fully equipped urban district in Petržalka with the ambition of motivating its inhabitants to really use it. Public spaces are organised to ensure that you are not afraid to use them. Green areas invite you to take your shoes off and take a walk on the grass. We want Nesto’s streets to be alive and people should find anything they need for a meaningful life in this district. Therefore, the whole project is based on a single philosophy: Nesto makes sense.

Nesto will not only give its inhabitants their address, but thanks to its equipment it will also fulfil their other needs. Nesto will include offices, a school, a kindergarten, various sports grounds, a medical centre, but also co-living, i.e., residential community living.

Close to the centre and the world

A location with a strong history will offer easy accessibility to Bratislava city centre but also to Austria. You can reach the centre in 16 minutes by bike and 6 minutes by car. This makes sense, right? However, we want to give the inhabitants options, and that is why there is already a new public bus stop next to Nesto.

As a part of its green strategy, Nesto is designed with pedestrians and cyclists in mind. We will have car-free zones, shared transport and we support all alternative means of transport with a massive emphasis on infrastructure for cycling.

District that will work for ever

A new urban district is being created on a 47-hectare area, with the emphasis on the quality of life of its inhabitants. We want Nesto to develop further even after its completion, so that it makes sense to all inhabitants and visitors today as well as in 50 years’ time.

Nesto is here, and if you want to get meaningful information about it regularly, register to the newsletter.

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