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Nesto Proves That Greenfield Construction Makes Sense

18. February 2022

Many of the world’s cities were constructed based on a precise plan in a carefully selected place. Nesto is also built on a greenfield, and for a very good reason. Building from scratch brings a multitude of benefits.

If you want number one living, it’s best to start from zero

A greenfield is a blank canvas that gives us the space to plan everything in a way that makes sense. That is one of the main reasons we decided to build Nesto on a greenfield in Kopčianska street in Petržalka. Because this area has been undeveloped, there were no limits to our designs in terms of existing structures, infrastructure, or strict regulation.

The greenfield also gave us the freedom to integrate green solutions within Nesto. We are building Nesto as a sustainable neighbourhood, which is ecologically balanced and well-prepared for the climate challenges of the near future.

A city needs to breathe

However, we also need to mention sufficient space offered by construction outside of existing development. Architects could plan Nesto’s public spaces in a way that allows the district to breathe. Roads will be built where they are functional, not where they fit. Nesto will include services, sports grounds, greenery, a school, and a medical centre so that it fulfils the real needs of the inhabitants rather than regulations and norms. Also, a greenfield always has enough room for future expansion.


Time is on our side

Another quite significant benefit of building from scratch is more precise planning. In other words, we can follow deadlines more easily, which also means sticking to the budget. Ultimately, this is about financial effectiveness, which both the investor and the buyers will appreciate.

Nesto is located where it is supposed to be

The greenfield where Nesto is being built has been selected precisely for these reasons. But there were other strong arguments for the selection of this area, too. It lies in a strategic location near the geographical centre of Bratislava.

Another strength of Nesto’s location are the great road connections. The motorway is close, and the centre of Bratislava is easily accessible, too.

New Cairo

The world says that we are moving in the right direction

When deciding about Nesto’s location, we also looked for inspiration in the world. Experience and history confirmed that we are moving in the right direction, and if we want to ensure a high quality of life in Nesto, a greenfield is the right place.

For example, did you know that Brazil’s capital Brasília was built on a greenfield site in 1960? And only 27 years later, it was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, because it is a wonderful example of an elaborate urban structure that truly works.

In Brasília, everything is where it is supposed to be. Residential zones divided into superblocks include a precise number and type of schools, shops, and public spaces. Everything is planned so that life in the city flows naturally and without urbanistic “traps.”

Another example of a completely new city is Chandigarh in India. The great name of architecture Le Corbusier was also involved in its planning. The city was created in 1947 and today, it is one of the most developed ones in India, offering unmatched quality of life to its inhabitants.

The most recent example of a newly built capital is the future new Cairo. The old one faces dirt, noise, bad traffic, and overpopulation. According to plans, Egypt’s future capital forty kilometres east of Cairo should provide sufficient living space and amenities for five million inhabitants. For instance, it will feature the largest urban park in the world, and 100 % of its energy will be produced from renewable sources.

It’s good to start at the beginning

It’s hard to start from zero. But a greenfield is the ideal solution for what Nesto is supposed to become. It gives us the freedom to think ahead. To think about the whole project so that it makes sense from the first curb to the last brick. If you aspire to build a lively neighbourhood that makes sense, starting from zero is a tremendous advantage.

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