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Traffic to Nesto will be faster on Kopčianska Street after roadworks are completed

26. October 2023

The modernized connection between Kopčianska and Bratská Street will be completed in early November. This improvement is part of the investment related to the construction of Nesto. It will enable future residents of the most modern district in Petržalka to access the D2 highway and other Bratislava roads faster.

Thanks to the construction of Nesto, two important sections of Kopčianska Street have undergone significant upgrades in the past three years. At its intersection with Bratská Street, a key reconstruction project is currently underway in collaboration with Bratislava municipality. The objective is to increase the capacity at this crossroads. “The turning lane will be expanded, a new traffic light will be installed on the overpass leading to Bratská Street, and the asphalt will be replaced, in addition to other road repairs. This will make it easier for drivers to navigate and ensure easier turns at this intersection,” explained Michal Brúsil, development manager for the Nesto project. He estimated the cost will be approx. EUR 900,000. The improvements on Kopčianska Street will further enhance the appeal and accessibility of this desirable area.

Quick commute: 6-minute drive and 16-minute bike ride

In 2020, Kopčianska Street in Petržalka underwent its first reconstruction, and was expanded and made accessible to traffic all the way to the Austrian border. At the street’s end, we built a public transit turnaround point, with bus driver facilities. Two new bus stops named “Nesto” have been built here. Now, travellers can easily access this area via Bratislava’s regular number 80 bus. In addition to the 850 meters of new pavement, underground utilities were fully reconstructed and expanded to serve the Nesto area and nearby residents. A new two-way bike lane was introduced, creating a link from Austria’s Kitsee to the centre of Bratislava. From Nesto, cyclists can reach the Old Town in just 16 minutes and motorists in a rapid 6 minutes.

Kopčianska street experiences a boom

“Our long-term vision is to complete the link between Kopčianska and Bratská Streets through the Nesto area. This will establish a direct route from the new district to the D2 highway via Bratská. The project will be completed in 2026,” said Michal Brúsil. The projected costs for the overhaul of Kopčianska Street, including related infrastructure are estimated at EUR 2.7 million.

With the development of Nesto, Kopčianska Street will be transformed into a state-of-the-art roadway. It will cater to future district residents and tourists and visitors to Petržalka’s military bunkers and cemetery. Access will be rapid by bike, regular public transport, and car. From this November, the journey will become even quicker.

Revitalized forest park at the heart of Nesto

In addition to the modernization of Kopčianska Street, we’ve revitalised the forest park located within the Nesto site, close to the World War I military bunker and cemetery. We’ve added a relaxation zone adjacent to these historical landmarks, which blend into the Nesto project and highlight the area’s rich history. This space offers covered picnic areas, benches, loungers, and two designated BBQ spots, and waste separation bins. This revitalized forest park enhances Nesto’s surroundings and provides a welcoming spot for the general public, educational field trips, and cyclists looking for a picnic spot or just a place to unwind. Prior to start of construction, we planted nearly 600 trees and 1,700 shrubs around the site’s perimeter.

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